Beet Carpaccio


Yesterday was a fucking, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It’s started with a blood test (I hate blood tests, they make me insanely paranoid).

It continued with a call to Cigna, our health insurance. I don’t know what is worse, the part that you speak to a robot for a few minutes until you shout at it “OPERATOR!!!” or the part that the robot transfers you to a human being, that happened to be a robot himself.  

After I was done talking with robots, I had to drive to the bank to get a cashier’s check to send to Cigna. I arrived to the bank without my wallet. Urgh! Accidentally, I grabbed the wrong bag (I forgot that I used the black bag the day before so I drove back home, and grabbed the black bag and drove back to the bank. And guess what?!? My wallet wasn’t in this bag either URGH!!!!!

I didn’t know if I should punch myself hard or laugh at my stupidity. Apparently, I left my wallet on my desk when I removed my insurance card to call the insurance company. Jesus Christ!

The rest of the day continued to be a fucking terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day but at least I learned a few lessons and had a yummy dinner. 

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Chocolate chip and granola cookies


You must trust me when I tell you that these are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world! Extremely easy to make, about 5 minutes to prepare and 8–10 minutes to bake. The granola is optional but adds a nice crunchiness and wholesomeness. Enjoy!

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Butternut squash curry soup


Life is a hectic bitch! I wish I had more time to write. The kids are back in school but somehow there’s so many things to take care of…

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Fig and Lemongrass Jam

IMG_2966 copy



After almost three endless months of never-ending summer vacation, Leo finally started school, a new charter school. Frankly, Z and I were excited about it but he wasn’t. He wanted to be excited, but, instead, he was very nervous. I don’t blame him. Starting fifth grade – the last year of elementary school – in a new school is nerve-wracking. Within three days, he decided that he hates it. It was too overwhelming for him. I know making a decision based on just a few days is stupid, but, honestly, my gut had been telling me for a while that the school was not for us.

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Multi-seed Crackers


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to play with your food. Play with it when ever is possible. 

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Strawberry Jam Forever


I never liked strawberry jam until I made one

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Alexander’s big book of art

IMG_6661 copy

I told you I wouldn’t have time to write anything this month! I have been busy helping Alex to put together his art book. His drawings are sweet and innocent just like him . Take a look  Alex’s BIG book of ART and maybe order a copy to support his education. What do you think? Is my boy ready for his solo exhibition in MOMA or LACMA? 

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Flat bread with eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes (Sabich)


Sabich is a pita sandwich stuffed with potatoes, eggplant, hard-boiled egg, salad, and tahini. One of my favorite and most popularIsraeli street foods. It’s the first thing I want to eat when I land in the holy land. You can find excellent sabich everywhere in Israel. I like the one on the corner of Tshernechovsky and Alenby in Tel Aviv.  Continue Reading…

Blackberry Muffins with Chia seeds


I was debating all morning…

  • Should I tidy the house, or work?
  • Should I go to Nordstrom to buy shoes, or stay at home to work?
  • Should we move to a bigger house, or stay in our little, cozy home?
  • Should I force the kids to go to camp, or accept defeat?
  • Should I allow the kids more time on the iPad, or be more strict?
  • Should I make meat for dinner, or vegetarian?
  • Should I call the post “Home alone,” or “Cirque de Muffins”?
  • Should I make blackberry jam, or blackberry muffins?

My life at the moment is one big debate.

Even right now, in this moment, I am debating if I should tell you about my debates, or if I should just tell you that I am finally home alone! My husband, Leo and Alex left a few hours ago to go to stay with friends in the mountains, leaving me all by myself. Peaceful as a tibetan monk and happy as a muffin. Rare and blissful 24 hours. Continue Reading…

Quinoa, avocado, beet and hazelnut salad


I’m handing the stage to my dear mother-in-law, who introduced me to this beautiful grain fourteen years ago. Thank you, Estee! I appreciate your help. I love every word you wrote.

An on-going, exasperating controversy about Quinoa is how to say it. Most commonly it’s pronounced “KEEN-wah” with two syllables (ˈkēn-ˌwä,). However, my Peruvian friend and my Colombian friend laughed and said that in Peru they call it just as it is spelled “kee-NO-ah” (kē-ˈnō-ə), so my daughter-in-law and I insist on calling it by its native name. Whatever you call it, it is a gorgeous plant and so very healthy. Continue Reading…

Vegan chocolate truffles


No time for BS. Just a quick, sweet recipe I found in a beautiful cookbook called Vegetarian Everyday, written by the sweet Scandinavian couple, who’s behind the blog Green Kitchen Stories. This exactly the kind of recipe I love – a “peace of mind” recipe, delicious and healthy. It’s the a kind of a treat I don’t mind if Alex gobbled four. I didn’t think dates go with chocolate but they do, very well. Dates taste like nature’s toffees. Continue Reading…

Double Chocolate Cake


My husband found this recipe in Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine. The picture of the cake and the recipe didn’t look exciting but since I didn’t have any eggs and I was longing for a anything lightly sweet and dairy-free to go with my four o’clock mint tea, I decided to try it, with a few minor changes.  Continue Reading…

How to make a good green salad


We eat salads on a daily basis (most Israelis do). Most days it’s a simple green salad then some days more complexed salads.

There are many types of leafy greens and endless variations of leafy green salads. Leo and Alex’s favorite is romaine lettuce since it’s crunchy and mild sweet. When the lettuce is fresh and delicious I like to rip with my hands and sometimes when it’s bitter and not very crunchy, I like to chop it finely with a knife so it soaks more dressing.  Make sure you add the dressing only 3 – 5 minutes before you serve the salad.  Continue Reading…

Banana Nice Cream


A friend of mine from New York recently emailed me this recipe. She wrote: “Thought of you the other night. We made a delish dairy-free, sugar-free banana ‘ice cream’ with a bit of chopped salty almonds and maple syrup on top!! Yum-yum for sure. Gwyneth Paltrow recipe (of all things! I know) but it was actually super tasty.” 

It’s definitely my kind of recipe and the best part is that it doesn’t require an ice cream maker! Thank you, Lori! Continue Reading…

Chocolate Cake


Here is the translation for the the simple chocolate cake recipe I posted in hebrew last month. Enjoy!

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5 nutritious Breakfast


I know that Honey Nut Cheerios is easier but do you really want your kids or yourself to start the day with unnatural, full of sugar breakfast? 

With these light, nutritious breakfasts, you’ll definitely have a good, healthy day. They require very little effort and some willingness. 

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5 Must-Have Family Cookbooks

The kitchen diaries

These are my favorite cookbooks at the moment. The recipes are down-to-earth and diverse, and include many child-friendly dishes. I would recommend these books to any parent, whether they are excellent cooks or are interested to learn how to. Continue Reading…

5-things to do with a 5-year-old


# 1. Make chocolate pralines or chocolate bars together – it’s easy, fun, delicious and exciting at any age. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or them. You start making them with the 5-year-old, then, 3 minutes later, the 10-year-old wants to join. The reward: licking everything that touched the chocolate. Thank you David Lebovitz’s for the inspiration.

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Moroccan style Charoset




There is an old pessach song that we sing in the seder, it basically suggests how you should feel around this time of year:

“Simcha raba, simcha raba” – Great joy, great joy

“Aviv hegia'” – Spring has arrived

“Pessach ba!” – Passover came! 
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Blood orange bars


Our little one, Alex (aka Alexander, aka Jacob, aka Sooshi) is obsessed with names. 

Everyday, ten times a day, he asks us, my husband and I if we like a certain name. Most days I find his name sake obsession cute but some days when I’m busy or has no patience it drives me nuts. I somehow forget that all I need to answer is “yes” or “no”.  Continue Reading…

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