japchae korean stir-fry noodles

I love Korean food and Korean in generals. I always say that Koreans are the Mizrachi Jews (the Sapharadic Jews) of Asia. Jap-che, I love saying it with Korean accent. I have a good Korean accent because I have a Korean friend that has a thick accent so thick that when she says zoo it sounds like jew. She is sweet and kind but shamefully doesn’t know how to cook. I always fantasize of having a Korean or Chinese balabusta friend that will share with me her recipes and tell me how her mom used to make it. For now I have uncle google. 

So FYI the meaning of the word Japchae is in Korean is “mixed vegetables”. It’s a noodle dish that is made with vegetables and sweet potato starch noodles that are chewy and a bit slimy but in a good comforting way. 

It takes less then 30 minutes to make and they are tasty at room temperature so you can make it a head and take to work or a picnic. 

*Japchae is normally made with onions but we didn’t have any so I used garlic to enhance the flavor.

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  • Reply Sharone September 14, 2019 at 6:18 am

    Looks amazing! Why do use Canola oil, can I use avocado oil instead? And are these noodles only made out of sweet potatoes?

    • Reply Shelly September 15, 2019 at 10:45 pm

      Does avocado oil has a flavor like olive oil or it’s natural? Is it bitter? The noodles are made with sweet potato starch and water. Maybe a bit tapioca, I don’t remember. Will check and get back to you xxs

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