Moroccan anise cookies (Reifat)

I experimented with my grandmother’s Reifat recipe and came up with a gluten-free version ((and can be made vegan) of them, which is as good as the recipe with all-purpose flour. They’re easy to make, only one bowl to wash and contain small amount of  sugar (coconut sugar). I warn you though, they’re addictive. I highly recommend to have  them with a cup of fresh mint tea on the side, Moroccan style. Continue Reading…

Plant-based Shepherd’s pie

I already said it a hundred times, I love potatoes and everything that is made with potatoes. Everything! Especially mashed potatoes.
You don’t need much for this pie. You probably have most of the ingredients in hand (As for produce you need potatoes, onion and mushrooms)
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Sweet potato falafel

My mother taught me how to cook but my father taught me to improvise, not to stick to the script, not to let anything stop me from cooking.  Even if I’m missing some ingredients. You can always make a dish based on another dish.
We didn’t have chickpeas, parsley and cilantro to make falafel but we had sweet potato, Thai purple basil and scallion. We did have cumin but since I was already using Asian flavors I added coriander seeds instead. 
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It’s called sourdough because the process is sour 😉 and long but totally worth it. 
It takes about 48 hours in total  but about 1 hour active and the rest of the time is inactive    .
After you took as much as you needed, put the starter, sealed, it in the fridge. 
If you follow the instructions and give it time it should work. First time though is always confusing. Good luck! Continue Reading…

turnip hummus with croutons

Hummus in Hebrew is chickpea so this is not really hummus. It doesn’t have any chickpeas. But it’s made like hummus and have the same texture. The flavor is different and, in my opinion, more sophisticated but what is great about this recipe is that it’s legume-free, anyone with digestion problem can eat it. (Legumes make me bloated).
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Simple yeasted bread

I bake bread on a weekly basis. I make gluten-free sourdough for me, wheat sourdough for my husband and boys, challahs for Shabbat for my guests and simple yeasted  bread when I don’t have time or patience to make a sourdough.  I won’t lie to you, it’s much easier to knead doughs in the mixer (with the hook attachment).  I’ve been looking into buying a used one but there’s something  humbling and therapeutic in kneading by hand, and I’m not sure where to put it. Not to mention, kneading is a good arm workout. You should hear how I pant when I press the dough or punch it with all my strength. Continue Reading…

Banana bread with whisky & chocolate chunks

We are still in quarantine, cooking and baking nonstop. Hope you’re all doing well and getting the most out of this situation. Sending my love and strength to anyone who needs it xxs
I already posted two or more banana bread recipes but this is gluten-free and can easily be grain-free, if you use cassava flour. If you do then use only 3/4 cup cassava flour and ½ cup  coconut milk. Cassava flour gets thick when mixed with liquid. 
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quick fennel salad

If you’re one of those who love anisey flavors, this is definitely for you.
If you’re not a big fun or you dislike anything with fennel, anise or licorice, I feel sorry for you but hopeful.
I know from experience that anyone can learn to love these flavor.
How? By keep on trying it when ever you can until you develop the palate for it. Continue Reading…