cabbage & turmeric frittatas

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About the frittata: turmeric gives it a good color but not only. It also gives them a delicate earthy flavor. Curry powder will also work well. Serve them for lunch or light dinner with a few spoons of mustard, harissa, tapenade or pate artichoke on the side, and with a salad. You can pack them and take them to work. They are good on their own or in a pita spread with mayo. Enjoy xx

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savory vegetable crumble

Don’t you find it annoying when you search for a recipe online, click on a picture, scroll down, and down, and down and down, and after 10 seconds, you’re like, “screw you, I don’t need your recipe!” So from now on I will post just a few words, related to the recipe. Continue Reading…

Roasted cauliflower with tahini and herbs

I am
I list
To do
To buy
Clothes to dye
Movies to see
Books to read
Dishes to make
Countries to visit
Places to explore
Songs and singers to add to my playlist
How I feel (with date and address)
Things I’m grateful for…
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Plant-based omelet

There are a bunch of very inspiring restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv. One of them is Anastasia, which I think is the most popular plant-based cafe in the city. I usually go there for their yummy refined sugar free & gluten free desserts, freshly pressed juice (since my juicer is still in storage in Mallorca) or the vegan cheese plate (which even my non-vegan friends love) but last week I decided to try their Israeli breakfast, and I got hooked. Continue Reading…

israeli salad

We, Israelis, like to eat breakfast anytime in the day, especially for dinner because it has many elements yet it’s a light. Typical Israeli  breakfast usually includes eggs (shakshuka is one style), different types of cheeses, bread, tahini sauce and this salad. Continue Reading…

almond cookies

Last week after feeling low and bloated again I decided to quite gluten, grains and most sugars. Luckily, I have Miss Rogel, who’s a friend, a brilliant designer, a talented cook, and many other things. She’s been on a strict healthy diet for a while now (no carbs, grains, sugar). She does her homework and lets me copy. This is one of her recipes. It works with almost any diet! I am warning you though, they’re addictive!   Continue Reading…

spiced tahini cookies

I’m craving something sweet
But healthy sweet
Something to have with my jungle tea
Quick and delicious
Maybe a cookie?
Definitely a cookie
Chocolate chip cookie?
Noooo…  not again
Oh wow those look good 
Ooooh I love tahini cookies
Let’s see the ingredient list…
Perfect I have everything
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Celery, apple & basil smoothie

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a singer, actress, fashion designer and a mom of four adopted children from Africa. I never became a singer, actress or a fashion designer (although I did design and sell my own jeans line in New York). I became a graphic designer, illustrator, recipe developer, video producer, and many other things; and a mom of two non-adopted boys. The other day, while I was making a juice with whatever I found in my fridge, I thought how cool it would be to be a smoothie designer. Imagine the endless variations of smoothies that are created every day around the world. I came up with a great combo: celery, Granny Smith apple, and basil, with an almond-milk base. Very simple, but very refreshing and intense. I love blending veggies and herbs with fruits (My juicer is in storage with the rest of my “life” so I can only make smoothies at the moment) . I know some protein powders are necessary sometimes when you’re vegan but I don’t like the powdery taste on my tongue so I never use them. 

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If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you live?
I would live in a small village in Italy, where I would make friends with the local ladies, learn how to make pasta, explore the area, get to know the farmers, cook, eat, write, draw, listen to old Italian music, take siestas, learn Italian, dream in Italian and pretend that I’m Italian.

So tempting but I have to wait until my boys fly out of the nest. I tried bunch of times to sell them my dream but they vetoed the idea of moving yet again. “But you’ll have pasta everyday!” “No! if we move again we want to go back home.” Home is Los Angeles. I can’t blame them. Being a no-mad is more like yes-mad. I guess I’ll just make more biscotti and pretend that I’m in Italy. Continue Reading…

Cashew e pepe

I have serious writer’s block. My brain slams the door in my face every time I sit down to write, just like our nasty upstairs neighbor. I knocked on her door and begged her to ask her little girls to take a one-hour break from dragging chairs across the floor and bouncing a ball because I’m trying to write and the noise distract me. I asked nicely and she still slammed the door in my face. My brain is a thought manufacture but lately it’s become a Chinese sweatshop. It doesn’t stop. I have no room for the thoughts and ideas that I actually want. My fault. I let it off its guard. I convinced it that life is too short to not eat exquisite cakes full of butter and sugar, drink wine, and take a break from yoga routine. It got out of control and started to do and think whatever it wants. When the allergies and cold symptoms showed up, the regrets won’t let it shut up. “You are so stupid! What were you thinking? You deserve it!”  Continue Reading…

Vegan caramelized apple tart

I know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I hope you get this recipe before. It’s the best and easiest pie I ever made. I wish though that puff pastry had a nutrition value, but unfortunately it doesn’t. The fact that it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy! As much as I love the texture and flavor of puff pastry I rather not eat it often. Actually I rather limit myself to eating it once or twice a year. Once in a blue moon definitely won’t hurt your body. Beside that the dangerous pie? has an extraordinary flavors and is beautiful. If you happen to make it, please let me know how it came out.

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