Gift idea – Mini Vegetables Charms

My friend, Lihi, and I have a lot in common. We were both born in Israel, moved to New York in our twenties, live in Los Angeles, and made career changes – Lihi was a sound designer before she became a jewelry designer. I was a graphic designer before I started blogging and creating food content. For a while Lihi and I thought about doing something together. How we cross-pollinate our interests, creativity and design skills and create something we both love. 

Vegetables! Another thing we had in common. We loooooooove Vegetables! Everything about them: their shapes, flavors, nutritious value, and last but not lease, their symbolic meaning. We picked the humble vegetables that we loved the most and us everyday and turned them into lucky charms. It doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not. The meaning is a bonus. 

The little treasures make great gifts. When you sign up for the Loveleeor mailing list, you get 15% off your next purchase. For the holiday week, Loveleeor is offering an even bigger discount – get 22% off your entire order!

Our Down to Earth collection includes four elements:

Artichoke. The artichoke’s thorny leaves protect a tender heart, representing how we must peel away harsh judgment (letting go)  to reveal our tender heart (compassion).

Cabbage symbolizes  personal growth, spiritual unfolding, and change. Cabbage reminds us of nature’s infinite capacity for regeneration. Cut just a piece of the head, and it will regrow with vigor, emerging with more vitality than before. We too hold this power of renewal inside us.

Garlic is nature’s healer and protector. It’s aroma and taste are believed to dispel negative energies, ward off evil spirits, and create a barrier against harm.

Star Anise empowers you to find clarity and follow your own true north . The eight petals or points of the star anise pod are considered highly symbolic in various spiritual tradition such as, Buddhism, where they represent the Noble Path to enlightenment.

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