peas, shiitakes & spinach

This is the kind of food that I eat on a daily basis, usually in the winter,  when I feel that I’m coming down with something. I also avoid eating sugar and take extra vitamin C and D. It works when I am religious about it but regardless this is delicious and quick to make. Continue Reading…

gluten-free sourdough bread

The recipe is adapted from the Cannelle et Vanille cookbook with a few changes. It’s a long process but totally worth it – the sourdough starter takes 5 days to be ready, but then once you have it the process becomes shorter, about 28 hours and 20 minutes to make the bread. It sounds complicated but it’s not. You just have to pay attention to the details and to put your starter in a warmish place. In the winter I put mine on a shelf in the kitchen, which is facing the heater. Continue Reading…


Hamin (Chulent) is a traditional Jewish overnight stew, which  Jews around the world used to make for Shabbat since they couldn’t cook or light fire from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Although I don’t observe the Shabbat I sometimes to make it in the winter, when I get home sick. It’s not pretty but it’s comforting and warming.
It’s a dish that you can only eat on the weekend for lunch because it’s pretty heavy. My version is lighter but still.  We start nibbling on it around 10am because we can’t resist the aroma. 
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vegan mushroom & walnut paté

I needed to bring something for a  friend’s birthday picnic in nature  (Franklin Canyon). I didn’t have any direction or idea, or a lot to choose from. I found a box of cremini mushrooms in the fridge and walnuts in the freezer. It was the first time that I made a mushroom paté or any paté. Everybody loved it, including my boys.
It’s easy to make and contains only 5 ingredients.
You can see how I make it on  Instagram, in my highlights @ShellysHumbleKitchen. Please follow me if you don’t xxs
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roasted cauliflower salad

Remember the days when cauliflower wasn’t popular? When she was considered boring? When no one knew what to do with her?

Well those days are over, a decade ago. Now she is a mega celebrity that everyone wants to cook with.  

If you didn’t pay attention to the glorious life of our cauliflower friend and you’re still not sure what to make with her make this salad for a start or simply roast her, turn her into rice, make pizza crust out of her, put her in raw and cooked salads, soups, curries, steaks… The variations are endless. She is a star but she doesn’t got Betty Davis eyes. Enjoy winter (or any season you’re in now) xxs Continue Reading…

braised & roasted red cabbage

Since winter arrived I’ve been mostly braising or roasting veggies for lunch and dinner. I don’t know why but I can’t think of any other cooking methods when I am cold. It isn’t as cold in LA as it is in NY but here the houses are cold (even with the central heating on). When we lived in New York, we had one window open because it was too hot in the apartment.
I constantly make teas, soups and stews to keep us warm.   Continue Reading…

gluten & dairy free almond pear cake

Is it normal to be organized but messy?

Fearful of failure but courages to start all over again?

Love all foods but be fussy?

Terrified of cockroaches but totally okay with spiders?

Hate to fly but love to travel?

Skeptical but trust most humans?

Eat cakes and leave them whole?

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aromatic coconut pumpkin soup

When I was a kid, the only type of pumpkin (Dla’at in Hebrew, not as fun to say as pumpkin or pumpking as Alex used to call them when he was a toddler) we had in the not-so-holy-land was those big Halloween-decoration pumpkins. We also didn’t have winter squashes, which I find more dense and flavorful than pumpkins. I roast the squash before I add it to the soup because the dry heat caramelizes and makes it more delicious. If for some reason you can’t roast it, dice and add it to the pot with the rest of the veggies, It would still be good. 

Fish sauce alternatives: so I googled plant-based fish sauce – so oxymoron – and discovered Fysh, a fish sauce made from algae so I ordered a bottle. Algae I’m counting on you. Until the next soup xxx

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vegan chocolate & peanut butter cake

Up until a month ago I didn’t like the flavor of sweet peanut butter, such as in PB&J and Reese’s. It took me almost a decade to like peanut butter in general and another decade to like it sweetened. It’s definitely something to do with growing up in Israel. When I was a kid and teenager there was no peanut butter. It arrived, I think, in the nineties. It’s weird though that we didn’t have it because our national snack, Bamba, is made with peanut butter. Continue Reading…

simple roasted ratatouille

It’s funny that I know how to make ratatouille but didn’t know how to spell ratatuille… it took me five attempts to spell it right RATATOUILLE 😁
I need to explain, to the French of us, that for me, any time eggplants, peppers and tomatoes are cooked together they are ratatouille (💯 for spelling). Other wise I have to call it roasted eggplants, tomatoes, peppers… too long and less captivating. Continue Reading…

ketoish dark chocolate & tahini truffles

They have an addictive flavor and fun to make, which can be challenging when you try to avoid sugar completely. 

They’re all the diets friendly (Keto, vegan, Paleo…). Too friendly 🙂 if you can limit yourself to 2 maximum 3 a day, then yes they are Keto friendly. 

If you’re not a big tahini fan – I can’t relate to you – or doesn’t have any, use any nut butter you like instead, and add with your own flavors. If you like chili then add chili, if you like whisky then add whisky… Continue Reading…