Farmers Market

You know what is the best thing about moving to a new city?
Discovering new places to eat and buy food, like markets and farmers markets. Like the one I used to go to at Union Square or in Santa Maria, in Mallorca. I see good produce I breath, I live in the right place. 
When I first visited the farmers market in Los Angeles I was happy to see that the organic produce is inexpensive compare to New York. The variety is much bigger too.
In Los Angeles there is a farmers market every day of the week in different parts of the town. So if you missed the West Hollywood market on Monday, you can always go to the one in Culver City on Tuesdays. I don’t mind to drive far for good produce. good tomatoes or smelly basil turn me on, I can’t wait to cook with them.
I do prefer small markets over big markets. Big markets are usually crowded and overwhelming. It’s better to go early morning. 
For the ultimate LA market guide click here.

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  1. I went to this lovely market with Sheli many times.. prices are great for a superior fresh product.

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