Strawberry Jam With Black Peppercorns

When life gives you mushy and bland strawberries make  jam.  It’s easy and heartwarming. Why with black peppercorns?  because the peppercorns give a pleasant spicy kick.

Strawberry jam with black peppercorns

Cuisine: Plant-based
Author: Shelly


  • 2 cups strawberries
  • ½ cup cane sugar*
  • 5 - 10 pepper corns
  • Juice of ½ lemon


  • Rinse the strawberries, remove their stem and quarter. Put them with the sugar and black peppercorns into a heavy-bottom saucepan, on a medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then lower the heat to medium-low. Cook for about 20 - 30 minutes (depends on how hard the strawberries are), giving it a quick stir every now and again with a wooden spoon. While the liquid gradually thickens, the strawberries will soften.
  • Add lemon juice and continue to cook for about 10 more minutes, stirring occasionally. Be careful to not let the jam burn in the bottom of the pot!
  • Remove from the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes, then carefully spoon the jam into a jar. Cover with the lid and store in the fridge.
  • You can remove the black peppercorns if you like, we keep them in.


*If you have a sweet tooth you might want to add extra sugar.
- Since the recipe is low in sugar and contains no preservatives, it wouldn't last more than a week, therefor I don't recommend to make a lot of it. To make it last long you need to put extra sugar (at least half of the amount of the fruit) or add a natural preservative such as citric acid. 

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