Tel Aviv, My Favorite Places

There are so many good places to eat in Tel Aviv – but these are the ones that we love, can afford and are always excited to go back to.

Fresh Juices & Shakes

  • Tikva’s Juice Stand (in Shuk Hacarmel) is an expert in nutrition so she’ll tell you what’s good for you.
  • Tamara (the one on Sderot Ben Gurion) but mention NOT to add sugar (they didn’t used to add but think now they do).
  • Juicery at Frishman 42

The Best Coffee Shops


  • Cafe Le Moulin the only place I know that sells proper french style baguettes. They also have good coffee and pastries, and yummy sandwiches.


  • Anastasia for the vegan condiments and GF bread that come with their yummy breakfast!
  • Yom Tov Cafe for the cured fish platter and the saluf (Yemenite flat bread, like pancakes) with eggplant, and herbs, and everything else in the menu.


  • Port Sai’d because we love simple yet smart food and the vibrant vibe.
  • Ouzeria get the Avivit’s cauliflower, eggplant carpaccio and freekeh risotto.
  • Pasta Bar you can taste the goodness of Lior, the chef/owner, in his handmade pastas.
  • Saluf And Sons yummy Yemenite homie food.

Quick Lunch

  • Hummus Magen David one reason I love living in Israel is the hummus. Especially the extra-nutty, holy hummus at Magen David.
  • Hummus Hason If I could live on their cauliflower pita sandwich I would.
  • Panda Pita do you love ceviche? If yes then you would LOVE it even more with Middle Eastern flavors tucked inside a fluffy pita. If you’re vegan don’t worry, the pita with the slow cooked eggplant pita is as good.
  • Hakosem I don’t care what other people say, I think the falafel in Hakosem (the magician in Hebrew) is magical and green (and not very garlicky), just how we love it. Make sure to ask for Amba (mango pickle condiment) and help yourself with the pickled veggies.
  • Falafel Frishman my man, Z, loves their falafel more then in Hakosem but I love them both equally.


God bless the Doktor brothers who opened Dok, Abie and Ha’achim (“The Brothers”), who definitely know how to treat produce and how to create sophisticated dishes with unsophisticated ingredients that will blow your taste buds away. The food in all three restaurants is consistently good and the vibe is cool.

  • Everything at Dok is sourced locally. We, our friends included, think that it’s the best restaurant in Tel Aviv.
  • Abie is where I go to eat fish.
  • Ha’achim for the best Middle Eastern food in the middle of Tel Aviv.
  • Next Door is a bar with a tiny kitchen that produces amazing food.
  • Two more places that we love very much but can’t afford to eat often are Montefiore’s restaurant and HaBasta. The food and vibe in both restaurants is exquisite!


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