Finca Son Mico, Sóller, Mallorca

Imagine you’re doing a hike when suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, you see a sign:
Tartes, Quiches, Zumo, Cafe
I don’t know about you but I would be ecstatic.
Now that we live in Mallorca, I hike often to Son Mico and each time I do the walk to there I feel grateful and very alive. Not only because I get to eat Ines’s extra delicious cakes but also because I am surrounded by stunning, wild landscapes, breathing fresh air and moving my body.   
You don’t need to be one of those serious hikers, with those funny sticks, to walk there. It’s a pretty short and kind of easy hike. 
Let’s put this way, I would have had climb the Himalayas for an excellent peace of cake. 
Each cake we had there was divine! Our favorite is the lemon meringue pie and chocolate pear pie. I highly recommend to go there with a friend or two, so you get to try them all.  
On a sunny day, you should sit at one of the tables or benches outside on the terrace, where you can gaze at the Serra Tramuntana mountains, Soller and the Mediterranean Sea. On a cold, rainy day it’s cosy and warm inside the house by the fire. 
Before you hike back take another look at your surrounding and thank the universe for your luck.
Finca Son Mico is located one hour walk from Deia, or one hour and twenty minutes from Soller. 
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  1. Loved the play on words, “peace” of cake! In the “piece” and tranquility of the Tramuntana… heading there today!

  2. When I was there in April, we had hiked from Cala Deia back to Soller and Son Mico was the perfect picturesque pit stop. The chocolate torte I had was to die for and its location was unparalleled. I really thought I had reached paradise.

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