Vegan Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake

Up until a month ago I didn’t like the flavor of sweet peanut butter, such as in PB&J and Reese’s. It took me almost a decade to like peanut butter in general and another decade to like it sweetened. It’s definitely something to do with growing up in Israel. When I was a kid and teenager there was no peanut butter. It arrived, I think, in the nineties. It’s weird though that we didn’t have it because our national snack, Bamba, is made with peanut butter.

I fell in love with the combo of salted peanut butter and sweet recently when I made peanut butter cups for my boys. I don’t like the store-bought ones, most of them are too sweet. I’m still not ready for PB&J sandwich but am definitely open to try other sweet PB combinations. 

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