New York, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Florence, Santander and More

I found a post from three years ago that I somehow forgot to post! The boys were so small and so cute. My god I miss them toddlers, I never thought I would. I already forgot how intense it was to travel with them for three months and then leave our good life in Los Angeles and move to Mallorca, Spain. We suffer from a serious nomadic disorder. We can’t sit still. Maybe one day we will find the place that will cure us, perhaps old age will cure it. Now we are Israel, we moved here six months ago from Mallorca but… we’re already scouting for a new location. May the force be with us xxs

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In retrospect, we had a sufficient number of magical moments and adventures together as a family. I couldn’t be more grateful to our amazing friends in New York, who welcomed us to their homes in Long Island and Battery Park. Thank you, F & D (& N & C & M & littla A), we love you!

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We loved showing the boys the buildings where they were born or raised, and walking the streets of New York again. I realized that I don’t hate it anymore (long story.) It was great eating at our favorite cafes and restaurants, and trying new ones.

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Although it rained most of the time we were there, I loved walking around the gloomy streets of Copenhagen. In two and a half days, we managed to discover the best coffee in town The Coffee Collective, the impressive Torvehallerne indoor market, and to buy berries and the famous Scandinavian potatoes.

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We got to spend plenty of time with our family and friends in Israel. We spent most of the time in the Negev in the south, the Lower Galilee in the north, and in Tel Aviv. I wish we could have shown the kids more parts of the country, but it was too damn hot.

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For two months we ate like kings. The food in Israel is in a league of its own. It’s unbelievable how the culinary scene in Israel has been elevated every time we visit. You have to search really, really hard to find bad food. After a month in Tel Aviv, it was hard to be satisfied, even in Florence, Italy.


Traveling again was exhausting, but, as soon as we dropped our ball-and-chain luggage (which, by this point of our trip, we were actually hoping the airline would lose) at the airbnb apartment and stepped out into the streets of Florence, we got a new surge of energy. Two days were enough time to do the things we wanted to do: find good pizza, fresh pasta, and gelato (we tried at least five places and found the best one in Florence), and explore the city to find All’Antico Vinaio, the best sandwich in Florence, which my aunt never stops raving about.

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After having talked about it four years, we finally flew to the north of Spain to visit a good friend of ours in his one-of-a-kind, magical home in the countryside of Santander. Thank you, M! Thank you so much for making us feel at home at your rehab/retreat/sanctuary, in the middle of such heart-stoppingly lush, green landscape. It was exactly what we needed after such a long and chaotic summer.

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Yet even after so much roaming, we couldn’t stand the idea of being only two hours away from San Sebastian without checking it out. I won’t bore you with more details, just tell you that the drive was worth these delicious pinchos or Pintox . My love affair with the north just began.

Hope you had a great summer xxxs

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