5-things to do with a 5-year-old

# 1. Make chocolate pralines or chocolate bars together – it’s easy, fun, delicious and exciting at any age. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or them. You start making them with the 5-year-old, then, 3 minutes later, the 10-year-old wants to join. The reward: licking everything that touched the chocolate. Thank you David Lebovitz’s for the inspiration.

# 2. Let him teach you how to draw something. Alex taught me how to draw a two-headed creature named Rex, from the land of Dinoland. I was allowed to do my own version but with many restrictions (Alex can be very bossy). For Example, I had to color it in the same color he did, and it had to have the same number of teeth and claws. Although my freedom was taken away, it was fun to spend time with him. There is always something to learn from them.
Rex by alex
The original is always more unique. Only a child can come up with a cool creature like our Rex.
Rex by shelly
My version of (Ano)Rex
# 3. Let them make awkwardly shaped chocolate chip cookies all on their own! I am always uptight about letting anyone other than my mom in my kitchen. I know how my little ones work: messy! But I’d rather clean a school than to listen to their complaints about being bored. This is the most basic and delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe. Worth the cleaning-up after.
# 4. Make things with Clay or “Das.” After you finish, you can paint it. We didn’t have time to finish it. (We went away for four days!)
# 5. Interview them. It’s incredibly fun, and funny, but it’s also a great souvenir. Ten years from now you’ll thank yourself for doing this. Twenty years later they’ll thank you.Alexs-interview

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  1. גיל מדהים. כל כך מהר הם גדלים ולא רוצים להיות במטבח. עוגיות מדהימות וקלות להכנה. אלכס כבר יודע להכין לבד (חוץ מהחלק של התנור)

  2. היי שלי, אין אפשרות לראות את המתכון לעוגיות שוקולד צ’יפס. הכנתי אותן בעבר והן היו מדהימות.
    אפשרות לקבל את המתכון שוב?
    יש את המתכון של העוגיות עם השוקולד והגר נולה אבל זכור לי משהו עם קמח מלא
    תודה רבה!!!

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