spiced tahini cookies

I’m craving something sweet
But healthy sweet
Something to have with my jungle tea
Quick and delicious
Maybe a cookie?
Definitely a cookie
Chocolate chip cookie?
Noooo…  not again
Oh wow those look good 
Ooooh I love tahini cookies
Let’s see the ingredient list…
Perfect I have everything
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Celery, apple & basil smoothie

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a singer, actress, fashion designer and a mom of four adopted children from Africa. I never became a singer, actress or a fashion designer (although I did design and sell my own jeans line in New York). I became a graphic designer, illustrator, recipe developer, video producer, and many other things; and a mom of two non-adopted boys. The other day, while I was making a juice with whatever I found in my fridge, I thought how cool it would be to be a smoothie designer. Imagine the endless variations of smoothies that are created every day around the world. I came up with a great combo: celery, Granny Smith apple, and basil, with an almond-milk base. Very simple, but very refreshing and intense. I love blending veggies and herbs with fruits (My juicer is in storage with the rest of my “life” so I can only make smoothies at the moment) . I know some protein powders are necessary sometimes when you’re vegan but I don’t like the powdery taste on my tongue so I never use them. 

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If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you live?
I would live in a small village in Italy, where I would make friends with the local ladies, learn how to make pasta, explore the area, get to know the farmers, cook, eat, write, draw, listen to old Italian music, take siestas, learn Italian, dream in Italian and pretend that I’m Italian.

So tempting but I have to wait until my boys fly out of the nest. I tried bunch of times to sell them my dream but they vetoed the idea of moving yet again. “But you’ll have pasta everyday!” “No! if we move again we want to go back home.” Home is Los Angeles. I can’t blame them. Being a no-mad is more like yes-mad. I guess I’ll just make more biscotti and pretend that I’m in Italy. Continue Reading…

Cashew e pepe

I have serious writer’s block. My brain slams the door in my face every time I sit down to write, just like our nasty upstairs neighbor. I knocked on her door and begged her to ask her little girls if they could take a one-hour break from dragging chairs across the floor and bouncing a ball because I’m trying to write. All I was asking (nicely) for was one fucking hour of quiet and she still slammed the door in my face. My brain always produces lots and lots of thoughts but lately it’s become a Chinese sweatshop. It doesn’t leave any room for the thoughts and ideas I actually want. It’s my fault, though. As soon as I let it off its guard and convinced it that life is too short to not eat exquisite cakes full of butter and sugar, have some wine, and take a break from my yoga routine, it started to do and think whatever it wants. And then, when the allergies and cold symptoms showed up, the regrets won’t let it shut up. “You are so stupid! What were you thinking? You deserve it!” Continue Reading…

Vegan caramelized apple tart

I know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I hope you get this recipe before. It’s the best and easiest pie I ever made. I wish though that puff pastry had a nutrition value, but unfortunately it doesn’t. The fact that it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy! As much as I love the texture and flavor of puff pastry I rather not eat it often. Actually I rather limit myself to eating it once or twice a year. Once in a blue moon definitely won’t hurt your body. Beside that the dangerous pie😜 has an extraordinary flavors and is beautiful. If you happen to make it, please let me know how it came out.

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sweet potato boats with quinoa salad & tahini

I spent half of my life in Israel. The other half I spent moving around. In total I lived seven years in New York, five in Los Angeles and five in Mallorca. I am Israeli and will always be, I have an American passport and my heart kind of belongs to Spain (Maybe because my ancestors are from Barcelona).

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rice & quinoa pilaf

Six years ago I didn’t think I can cook rice together with the vegetables or meat in one pot.  Now I use this method to cook all kind of things, especially when I’m in rush or feeling lazy – it takes about 7 minutes to prepare, plus 25 minute cooking time and only one pot to clean. It’s also a great dish to make when there’s not much in the fridge. 

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Basic Porridge

If you love porridge, great. If you don’t, I would love to change your mind about it. First you should know that I totally get why you don’t like porridge because me too for years until I had a good porridge. What’s a good porridge?  Continue Reading…

New York, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Florence, Santander and More

I found a post from three years ago that I somehow forgot to post! The boys were so small and so cute. My god I miss them toddlers, I never thought I would. I already forgot how intense it was to travel with them for three months and then leave our good life in Los Angeles and move to Mallorca, Spain. We suffer from a serious nomadic disorder. We can’t sit still. Maybe one day we will find the place that will cure us, perhaps old age will cure it. Now we are Israel, we moved here six months ago from Mallorca but… we’re already scouting for a new location. May the force be with us xxs

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Apricot & chocolate rugelach

The best thing about them is that they are low in sugar and easy to make. The worst thing is that you can’t stop eating them. If you love your cookies very sweet then you should add 1-2 tablespoons powdered sugar to the dough. We love the contrast between the slightly salty dough and the sweet filling. It’s like a toast with butter and jam but moist and flaky. Continue Reading…

Caramelized oranges covered with chocolate

“What else can we make –beside orange marmalade and orange juice – with all the oranges we steal?” We only rob trees that belong to stingy people. Those who’d rather let their fruits rot on the ground than give them away. If you ask me, they are the ones committing a crime, not me. 

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Finca Son Mico, Sóller, Mallorca

Imagine you’re doing a hike when suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, you see a sign:

Tartes, Quiches, Zumo, Cafe

I don’t know about you but I would be ecstatic.

Now that we live in Mallorca, I hike often to Son Mico and each time I do the walk to there I feel grateful and very alive. Not only because I get to eat Ines’s extra delicious cakes but also because I am surrounded by stunning, wild landscapes, breathing fresh air and moving my body.    Continue Reading…

cauliflower & herb salad

Cauliflower is such a boring veggie, right? It is – unless you roast it like this, or chop it finely and make a beautiful, rich salad, like this one. I promise, after you try these recipes, you’ll start cooking it more often. 

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New-York Style Bagels

FYI, You do not need New York water to make New York-style bagels. It’s a myth. Any tap water will do. Bagels are not a New York invention. They were made by European Jewish immigrants long before they arrived in New York.

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The highlights of our road trip through Tuscany

After my mother confirmed that she was coming to visit in July, I immediately started to search for cheap airfare somewhere in Europe (I normally use Google Flights or Skyscanner). It’s been a while since Z and I travelled without our boys. I knew I wanted to fly to Italy but wasn’t sure where in Italy. I found a round trip ticket from Palma to Bologna for €60 so I booked it. I didn’t know much about Bologna, beside that it’s a university town and that it hosts a large children book fair. I had a feeling it would have good vibe and good food. I thought about Rome but I heard that the summer there it’s too hot and too crowded. Continue Reading…

Beet soup with vegetable dumplings

A shower thought:

If there’s a Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, a Herring Festival in Denmark, a Pizzafest in Naples, and a Dumpling Festival in Hong Kong, then there should definitely be a Kubbeh Festival in Jerusalem.

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Florence, Italy

While browsing my pictures folder, I bumped into the photos from our trip to Florence last summer, which I had completely forgotten about. Although we were there for only a couple of days, we managed to see a lot, eat (mostly) Italian pastries and gelatos, and take quite a lot of pictures.

People who know me know that I am a serial city lover. I fall in love with any city that has a bit of culture and plenty of good things to eat. So, of course, I fell in love with Florence on my first visit – anybody would – but the difference between me and most people is that I immediately want to move in and spend the rest of my life there. If Z hadn’t insisted on sticking with the plan to move to Mallorca, I would probably have started to look for an apartment in Florence. Continue Reading…

potato & herb salad

I love potatoes and anything that is made with potatoes, from Russian potato salad to tortilla Española to Belgian pommes frites to campfire potatoes. Now that we have a fireplace – the second best thing you can have in the winter, a clothes dryer is first! – we roast them quite often.

Potatoes may not be as sophisticated as artichokes but they comfort like the comforter we bought last week at Ikea. Oh, by the way: We moved again! (in Mallorca!) We moved from our apartment in the old town of Palma to a cute Mallorquine townhouse in a beautiful village in the mountains (Serra De Tramountana), only twenty minutes away from Palma and ten degrees colder. Continue Reading…

sweet potato & butternut squash spread

When baking sweet potatoes, the high heat causes their moisture to evaporate, and leaves their skin caramelized like candy – which is delicious – but overly sweet for me, so I like to mix them with spicy, sour or nutty flavors to reduce the sweetness.  Continue Reading…

Root Hummus

I had started to write this post in the summer, while we where visiting Israel, but never finished it for the same reasons I haven’t been able to start or finish any posts since leaving Los Angeles back in June:

  1. lack of time
  2. lack of motivation
  3. lack of concentration.

Today I decided it would be a shame not to post it, because it’s the kind of recipe anyone who is looking to expand their vegetable repertoire should know about. Continue Reading…