Roasted Red Cabbage

Since winter arrived I’ve been mostly braising or roasting veggies for lunch and dinner. I don’t know why but I can’t think of any other cooking methods when I am cold. It isn’t as cold in LA as it is in NY but here the houses are cold (even with the central heating on). When we lived in New York, we had one window open because it was too hot in the apartment.
I constantly make teas, soups and stews to keep us warm.  

About this dish: I had a similar dish in one of my favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv (Dok) and since then I am hooked on steamed and baked cabbage. What makes it so good is that the inner cabbage leaves become  get tender and sweet and the outer leaves get crunchy. It’s also very filling. You can serve it with lemony tahini or the dressing in the recipe. 

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