According to Wikipedia, Baba Ganoush is a Levantine dish. According to me, it’s Shabbat at my mother’s. She has been making it every Friday for Shabbat dinner since I was a kid. Some people make their baba G with tahini and some make it with mayonnaise. Both ways will get you many compliments but this one is epic and vegan.

Sometimes I add leek, scallion or red pepper, which I burn together with the eggplants.

  • When you buy eggplants, make sure that their skin is glossy and that they feel light in your hand.
  • You can burn the eggplants and peppers directly on a gas or electric range – same result.
  • If you don’t like smoky flavors – you’re nuts – you can bake the eggplants and peppers in the oven at 400°F (200°C) for 30 minutes, which, let’s face it, is easier and less messy. 

Epic Baba Ganoush

This is one of the most simple and delicious Middle Eastern dip salads. It doesn't require a food processor just fire or heat. You can bake the eggplants at 400°F (200°) for 30 minutes but then you won't get the smoky flavor.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Lunch, Mezze, Side Dish
Cuisine: Lebanese, Middle Eastern Inspired
Servings: 4
Author: Shelly


  • 2 medium eggplants
  • 1 red bell pepper - optional
  • 1 lemon
  • ¼ cup tahini butter (Middle Eastern is better)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Rinse the eggplants and red pepper and dry. Put them over the burner on high heat until that side of them is burned. Rotate and flip until they are burnt all over. Their skin should be black all over.
  • Remove from the heat and place in a colander with a plate under it (they will release liquids) until the eggplant and red pepper cool down.
  • Peel the red pepper. The best way is to dip your fingers in water while peeling it. It helps to remove the burnt skin of your fingers. Cut the stems off and cut them to open. Remove the seeds and white parts, the Capsaicin Glands. Cut the peppers lengthwise to fine strips and put in a small bowl.
  • Cut the burnt eggplants lengthwise. Using a soup spoon, gently, scrape their meat and put it back in the colander. Squeeze half of the lemon over and let them drain for 5 minutes. Add the eggplants to the bowl.
  • Squeeze the rest of the lemon juice over. Add the tahini. Crush the garlic clove in. Add salt and pepper, and mix. Taste and add more lemon juice or salt if necessary. Put in a container or jar, drizzle a little bit of olive oil and store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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