Sweet Potato Falafel

My mother taught me how to cook but my father taught me to improvise, not to stick to the script, not to let anything stop me from cooking.  Even if I’m missing some ingredients. You can always make a dish based on another dish.
We didn’t have chickpeas, parsley and cilantro to make falafel but we had sweet potato, Thai purple basil and scallion. We did have cumin but since I was already using Asian flavors I added coriander seeds instead. 

Asian style falafel is different and intense but is extraordinary and delicious!  I made the same sides I would make for a typical falafel. The whole thing took about 20 minutes to make. Try to make it with different vegetables, herbs and spices and let me know how it came out. 


Stuff the patties  in a pita or serve them over a salad with tahini and preserved onions. 


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